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Party at Scorpios in Mykonos

Scorpios is one of the most popular beach clubs in the world operating since 2015. Located on a peninsula in the southern part of the island, it offers the most captivating sunsets over Delos “the island of the gods”. Inspired by the “Greek Agora”, Scorpios is the place where Art, Design, Food, Music and Healing come together and the place where people celebrate life & creativity.

Every party at Scorpios is special but we will highlight the ones taking place on Saturdays. Every Saturday at around 6:00 pm, Valeron and his band create a unique atmosphere with their synergetic sets of traditional Greek instruments and electronic beats. The crowd is gathering in the “Sunset beach” and everyone is dancing with the traditional sounds that nourish the soul, filling it with energy and vitality.

Valeron & the band in Mykonos
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Shopping at Nammos Village in Mykonos

“Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening”.
– Coco Chanel

When in Nammos you can think of many things, such as Party, Champagne but also Fashion. Nammos Village is a fashion island on the island of Mykonos. Located at the famous Psarou beach, it gives you the opportunity to shop your favourite high-end brands, while enjoying the world known experience of Nammos. It is the place where art meets architecture and creativity meets inspiration.

The amazing collection of the most luxurious brands along with the top services will deliver the greatest level of shopping experience even in the evenings. Then, Nammos Village lights up and is becoming even more impressive for its guests.

relax while shopping at Nammos Village

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Adventures in Crete

Visit the imposing Samaria Gorge

A unique biotope and the biggest gorge in Europe. At an altitude of 1230 m, on top of the White mountains, you will find the entrance of the National Park of Samaria.
Walk through the gorge, meet the famous Cretan Chamois (wild goat) that has been preserved and is now living freely in the gorge. After 18km you will reach the crystal blue waters of Agia Roumeli.  The gorge has many narrow passes, but there is a very narrow passage near the end, called the “Iron gate”, 3 meters wide and 300 to 700 m high from both sides.

Meet the wild goat of Crete "kri-kri"


Visit the Preveli Lagoon

Located on the south coast of Crete, Preveli Beach is isolated, beautiful and romantic. The tropical landscape is nestled just 35 km south of Rethymno.  Before you arrive at the historic monastery of Preveli, a track on the left hand side will lead you to downhill to a parking space.

After an adventurous 15 minute downhill walk, you will arrive at the sandy beach with the impressive palm trees, where the river Kourtaliotis empties into the sea. Do not forget to wear comfortable shoes and walk along the river, under the shade of palm trees and start ascending in the beautiful canyon. You can also swim in the cold ponds formed in the gorge.

At the end of the path you will be able to enjoy little waterfalls, lagoons and some fresh water turtles.



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Rent a Private Yacht in the Cyclades

The Cyclades is an island complex located in the Southern part of the Aegean Sea. All islands are characterized by their rocky and barren landscape, which is unique in the world.

Due to the short distances and the diverse landscapes those islands are among the most beautiful & interesting sailing areas in the world. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to rent a yacht and explore the nearby islands. For instance, if you are located in Mykonos, you could rent a yacht and enjoy 8 hours of cruising! Visit Rhenia and Delos, whose history dates back to the antiquity. In Delos, which is the birthplace of goddess Artemis and god Apollo, you can explore one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece. On the other hand, in Rhenia you will find a secluded haven with golden beaches and turquoise waters.

Later, stop and  enjoy lunch at one of your favourite beach restaurants on the island, such as Solymar, Scorpios or Nammos.


Sail with your private yacht


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