Leo the collection offers a portfolio of distinct villas in sensational destinations across Greece & Turkey.

At Leo the Collection we know that the essence of a perfect journey is in the place you stay. Thus, we focus on discovering unique homes that are meant to be shared with your loved ones. We aim to connect with the traveller, understand their needs & expectations and deliver high-end travel services in a personal yet meticulous manner.
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Our Mission


Leo the Collection aspires to become your number 1 choice when it comes to planning your vacations in Greece. Our main goal is to connect with the traveller, understand their needs and propose a top-quality vacation home that will best meet their expectations.



Our philisophy
Go above and beyond the average level of service to create an emotional impact on the receiver.

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Our Values

QualityWe are committed to select each property meticulously in order to offer only the top-quality villas to our customers.


Trust: We strive to create personal relationships based on Trust both with the travellers and the villa owners.


Safety: We want our customers to feel safe during their trip and during their transactions.

Exclusivity & Customization:
Travellers wait for their holidays with great anticipation but they have limited time to do research. We are here to connect with you, understand your needs and propose homes just for you.


Passion: We are a team of young and visionary people, driven by their passion for creating unique holiday experiences. Thus, we believe that great just isn’t good enough.

Meet the team

We are a team of young and visionary people who share the same passion for travelling. Based on London, Athens and Istanbul we are dedicated to offer to our customers an unforgettable villa experience, introducing our cultures and make them feel at home.

Xenia Vavouraki
Xenia Vavouraki
Founder & CEO

Xenia is a Warwick Business School & University of Piraeus graduate with studies upon Economics and Management. Raised on the island of Crete, she has been travelling from an early age, cultivating an unparalleled passion for discovering new destinations and cultures. A people-person with a goal to refine the overall travel experience.

Vasiliki Verousi
Vasiliki Verousi
Event Executive

Vasiliki Verousi is a UCL Graduate and lives between Athens and London. Vasiliki is the founder and CEO of VasVer Productions, our partner company that organises events in Greece and particularly in Mykonos.

Xen Pagoulatos
Xen Pagoulatos
Director of Guest Experience

With a degree from BAYES Business School and a background in banking, Xen has honed his skills in attention to detail. He loves exploring the best places, attending exclusive parties and connecting with interesting people. As the Guest Experience Director, Xen is dedicated to making your stay unforgettable. From planning and coordination to execution, he ensures that every moment will be truly exceptional.

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